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The days are getting shorter: To make you feel safe, there are various companion apps for Android and iOS. Because sometimes you have a queasy feeling when you’re out late at night in the dark. We present you the three best free companion apps for a safe way home.

Dark or deserted streets often give you an uneasy feeling. For a few years now, there have been apps that make your way home more pleasant and give you peace of mind. They offer services such as digital companionship with friends or relatives, communication with app staff and triggering the emergency call.

WayGuard – The companion professional

You simply log in with your phone number, confirm a PIN and you’re ready to go. A tutorial explains the app and the menu navigation. You take a private person or a professional from Team WayGuard with you as an escort. Send them an escort request and they can track your location via GPS. However, a prerequisite for private escorts is that they have also downloaded the app.

When you arrive at your destination, simply click on “I arrived” and end the escort. The WayGuard team or your private escort will then be automatically notified of your arrival. If you get into a dangerous situation, you or your companion press the emergency call button. Immediately a voice connection is established to the emergency and service control center of the WayGuard team. Your emergency call will be processed and if necessary your GPS position will be forwarded to the police or the rescue service. This way you get fast help. There is another great feature: You can buy a GPS signal for your bike back light and thus be accompanied home comfortably when you ride your bike.

Vivatar – The guardian angel

After a quick confirmation that the app is allowed to access your contacts and location, it’s on to registration. Simply enter your phone number and you will receive a confirmation code. Your private contacts will have to do the same. Then the app allows you to create groups from your contacts. In these groups of people, you will accompany each other. With Vivatar, you can share your location with friends and chat with each other. If you feel unsafe, start the danger countdown, which either lets your companion know that something is wrong and can trigger the alarm after it expires. You can always turn off the countdown once the danger has passed. You can also set the most important places in your daily life as a safe zone.

Companion app Safe at home with Vivatar

With the Vivatar Premium Service subscription, Bosch Emergency Assistant is there for you around the clock. You store your health data and contact persons in an emergency passport. This allows you to receive individual and targeted help. In addition, the Vivatar team accompanies you on your way, if no one can accompany you.

Advantages and disadvantages
Deposit of safety locations possible
Danger countdown
Clearly arranged
Emergency pass in premium subscription
Share privacy
Not for iOS

Familonet – The privacy protector

After an app registration with your cell phone number and entering a security code, the app starts. Now set your private areas. Your workplace, school, place of residence and sports facility are stored with address and different colors. Your family members can also do this, they must also have downloaded the app to accompany you. Each user decides for himself when the others should see his live location. With one click you can show your group members where you are and where you are going. You can set in the menu whether relatives should see all locations, only certain locations or none at all.

Companion app Get home safely with Familonet.
The app is easy to use for younger and older users. It also offers a chat function. Additionally, you can create and share photo albums. Battery consumption is low despite the GPS signal. However, you want an unlimited chronicle of group members and their locations, then choose the premium package for that you have to pay.

Advantages and disadvantages
Set safe areas
Communication like Messenger
Easy to use
No tutorials
More functions in premium subscription
Location can sometimes not be defined
Click here for your new companion app Familonet:

Conclusion – Our test result

Like WayGuard companion app, you can use it perfectly with the support of the pro team if none of your contacts is signed up for it. And even if all your friends are fast asleep, you can go home safely with the team. Similarly, the Vivatar app works only for your personal contacts in the free version. Here you have more features in the paid subscription, such as your.

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